RECORDI: MaB (Man and Biosphere) is #ProudToShare

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The Erasmus+ project RECORDI was designed to develop a combination of cultural heritage and small businesses, focusing at the coastal areas and islands. Out of six project partners, four are based in biosphere reserves, West-Estonian Archipelago in Estonia and Blekinge Archipelago in Sweden. The other two partners are from areas in Italy and Finland, where natural and cultural values are remarkable.

Cultural heritage and business are sometimes considered as antagonistic. The former can be regarded as a hindrance for the latter, whereas business (when meaning commercialising) is considered as danger for cultural values. This is why we in the RECORDI-project wanted to educate small-scale entrepreneurs, mainly those who are involved in tourism services, to value the local cultural heritage and to use it in a smart way. In each participating region we found a number of good practices, where local traditions, skills, legends, recipes, materials, etc were applied to benefit the business. Especially when this was made with full appreciation of cultural heritage, with understanding of social and environmental sustainability of the region.

The results of the project, including examples of best practices and the curriculum for vocational adult education, can be downloaded below:


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20 oktober, 2016